Who invented the pen and when?

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Today in this article you will find out who invented the pen and when?  The pen is very important in our life.  Pens are used to teach children in college, whether for office or school work.  It is used by everyone from the elderly to children.  We tell you that in earlier times, bird feathers were used for writing.  But nowadays you will find more than one pen in the market like light pen, room pen etc. At present, we mostly use gel pen or ball pen, roller ball pen, fountain pen, filter tip pen etc.  The way education is going digital, devices like tablets, keyboards are being used instead of copy-pen.  You must have used your pen too, the question must have come to your mind who invented the pen?  Let’s find out who invented the pen and when?


Who invented the pen?

The pen was invented by the French inventor Petraech Poinaru.  He discovered the Fountain Pen on May 25, 1857.  But the most important ball point is the invention of the pen.  The invention of the ballpoint pen is credited to 2 persons, the first being (John Jacob Loud) and the second Name (Laszló Biró) But the credit for inventing the ballpoint pen goes to John Jacob Loud.  John Jacob Loud invented the ballpoint pen in 1988.

The idea of   making a ball pen came to John when he was working on leather products.  The way the tailor had to mark the cloth repeatedly while sewing, John had to mark the skin repeatedly, but at that time there was a little trouble with the fountain pen and pencil.  It was here that John got the idea to make a pen that could help him in this task.  Following this idea, he made a pen whose tip was shaped like a small metal ball.


History of the invention of the pen?

The pen was invented by the French inventor Petrache Poinaru.  Just as there are flaws in every invention, the fountain pen made by “Petrache Poineru” did not dry out long after it was written with full ink, and the ink took longer to dry.  And then in 1988 a new inventor John.  (J. Loud) solved this problem by inventing the ball pen.  Even after the invention of the ball pen, some defects in the pen remained.  Although ball pens were much more advanced and easier to write than fountain pens, the ink of ball pens would still thicken inside the pen and dry and stick to the inside of the pen.


Who invented the fountain pen and when? 

The fountain pen was discovered by Petrache Poinaru in 1827.


Who invented the ball pen and when? 

John J. Loud invented the ball pen.  Did in 1888.


What is the name of the most expensive pen in the world? 

The most valuable pen in the world is Tibaldi Fulgar Nocturners.  At present its price is around 60 crores Taka

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