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Who invented the first calculus? What is the history of discovery?

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He is one of the first two people to be named after the invention of calculus Sir Isaac Newton and nother Gottfried Leibniz. There are many interesting facts about these two. Both are now regarded as the fathers of calculus.

At first there was a lot of controversy about who among them had discovered it beforebefore. It is one of the most famous or infamous controversies in the history of mathematics. Newton claims to have invented calculus earlier. Evidence from Newton’s Nate book is that he made the discovery in 1666. But he published in 1693. Leibniz, meanwhile, says he discovered it in 1674 and published it in 1684. That is, Leibniz discovered Newton about eight years later, but published it nine years before Newton. That means Leibniz can claim he discovered it earlier. In the end, a committee of inquiry was formed into who discovered it.

Coincidentally, Newton himself was the president of the Royal Society at that time! After the investigation, Newton himself signed the report, “Mr. Newton seems to have discovered earlier! What a joke! Now both are given the status of inventors.

One thing needs to be said here. The concept of discovery in mathematics or science is actually confusing. Honestly, one or two people can never make a big discovery together. The same is true of calculus.

Eudoxus came up with the idea of the Method of Individuals about two and a half thousand years ago. Then the great mathematician Archimedes worked on it and gave all the great formulas for geometry. All of this is actually the predecessor of Calculus. Madhav’s book ‘Logic’ had the idea of calculus. De Carte’s concept of coordinate geometry, Newton, Leibniz would have been able to calculate calculus in his head if he had not followed the Pharma Method of Adequality. Calculus did not stop at the idea that Newton and Leibniz went through. Then, according to Euler, Kashi, Raiman, Gauss, the great mathematicians made it much richer and clearer.


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