Who invented the camera and when?

Today in this article you will find out who invented the camera and when?  In today’s digital age, everyone uses the camera.  Cameras have become so important to us that today you can see them everywhere on the street, mobile, pen, office, train and even bus.  Cameras have been installed everywhere for our security.  Speaking of earlier times, before the invention of the camera, hand-drawn pictures were made, due to which the photographer had to sit for hours.  But today technology has advanced so much that the market has come up with high quality cameras that can take pictures from a distance that could not have been imagined before.  There are so many great mobiles on the market today that come with so many great quality cameras as well as many features that you can use to edit photos, change the color of photos, you must be using all the cameras but have you ever wondered who invented the camera?  Let’s find out who invented the camera and when?

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The first camera was designed in 1685 by Johann Jahan.  Then, in 1814, Joseph took pictures with the first camera at Nicepho Nips.  We tell you that a few thousand years ago, in 1021, Ibn al-Haytham, an Iraqi mathematician, mentioned the camera in a book.  Whose name was Kitab al-Manazir.  The camera was not made just to mention.

Nicephore first took pictures with the help of Niepce Camera obscura, but at that time Camera Obscura had a lot of problems, such as taking a lot of time to take pictures and after taking pictures, the pictures were gone for a while.  To solve this problem, Louis Daguerre began working with Nicepho Nips, after which, in 1839, Louis Daguerre discovered a successful practical camera, the name of which was Louis Daguerre’s “Daguerreotype (Daguerreotype).”  In 1839, the sons of Nicephore Niepce and Louis Daguerre sold the daguerreotype to the French government.  But there was a problem with this daguerreotype that no negative image was found after taking the picture.  To solve this problem, in 1840, William Henry Fox invented a camera called the calotype, which was used to capture negative images.


Who invented the digital camera? 

I didn’t know how to buy or use the cameras that used to be there.  Everyone started using cameras since the invention of the digital camera.  We tell you that the digital camera was invented by Steven Sasson in 1975.  That digital camera used only 0.01 megapixels and could only take black and white pictures with that camera and it took about 23 seconds to take a picture.  Then in 1990 the digital camera was sold for the first time and the name of that camera was Dycam Model 1 at that time this camera was priced at $ 600.


Who invented the CCTV camera?

The first use of CCTV technology was in 1942 in Germany.  The CCTV system was designed by engineer Walter Bruch and installed for V-2 rocket monitoring.  Commercial use of this technology began in 1949.


Who invented the DSLR camera? 

Japanese company Nikola first invented his DSLR camera and they named this camera DSLR.  When the DSLR came on the market, all the cameras were reconnected and we tell you that the image quality of the DSLR camera is very high.  This camera is also used for shooting movies.


Who invented the mobile camera? 

In 2000, a Japanese phone maker used a camera on a mobile phone for the first time.  The name of this mobile was Sharp J – SH04.  A 0.1 megapixel camera was used in that mobile.  In the same year, Samsung launched a camera phone called SCH – V200.


How many types of cameras are there? 

There are 5 types of cameras.


  1. Dome CCTV Camera Dome CCTV Camera
  2. Bullet Camera Bullet Camera
  3. Box Type Camera Box Type Camera
  4. PTZ Camera PTZ Camera

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