Where on earth did the water come from? Solar wind or dust, who owes this primordial water?

1. The origin-mystery of water

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Water is the most valuable resource of Thebes. Water sustains life. But where did this water come from? Scientists have tried to solve the mystery of the origin of the water of the earth and their evidence is pointing towards the sun. Researchers in Britain, Australia and the United States have been conducting extensive research on the source of water in the world, based on this concept.

2. Solar wind

However, the strongest evidence matched in 2010. This year, the research team analyzed an ancient asteroid collected by the Hayabusa Mission in Japan. They suggest that water has come to this planet since the creation of the earth. This water was formed in the grain when the particles known as solar air charged from the sun changed the chemical composition of the grain to form water molecules. Scientists call this process ‘space weathering’. In a study published in the journal Nature Astronomy, scientists say that where the water came from on Earth, the sun’s solar wind could answer.

3. C-type meteorites

Scientists have long been confused about the ancient origins of the Earth’s oceans. A review of various theories suggests that there is a type of water-carrying asteroid that could somehow bring water to the planet in the final stages of formation 4.6 billion years ago. Researchers believe that some of the world’s water must have come from C-type meteorites.

4. Isotopic light source

The earth must have received water from at least one other source. It is an isotopic light source. Researchers are amazed at how and when water reached Earth and covered 80 percent of the planet’s surface, much more than any other rocky planet in our solar system.

5. The source of water in the airless world

Scientists hope that future space missions could help find water sources in the airless world. An international team of scientists led by the University of Glasgow did not rule out the possibility of getting water from a different type of space-rock known as the S-type asteroid.

6. Solar dust

Scientists say that at first there was a very dusty place in the solar system. Which provides ample opportunity for water to form beneath the surface of space-carrying dust. The researchers suggested that this water-rich dust would be the first to rain on Earth, along with C-type asteroids, as part of its supply to the Earth’s oceans. The water obtained from this solar wind, produced by the early solar system, is isotopically lighter. These fine-grained dust particles were attracted to the earth billions of years ago by the solar wind.

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