Where is the world’s first football game held?

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The 1872 Association football match between the national teams of Scotland and England was officially recognized by FIFA as the first international to be played. It was held on 30 November 1872 at the Hamilton Crescent, west of the Scotland Cricket Club ground in Glasgow Partik. The match was watched by 4,000 spectators and ended in a 0-0 draw.

Following a public challenge in The Glasgow and Edinburgh newspapers by The Football Association (FA) Secretary Charles Alcock, the first of five matches between England and Scotland, played in London, took place at the Oval on 5 March 1870, resulting in a 1-1 draw. The second match was played on 19 November 1870, England 1-0 Scotland. On 25 February 1871, England played 1-1 against Scotland; 18 November 1871, England 2-1 Scotland; And 24 February 1872, England 1-0 Scotland

Most of the players selected for the Scottish team in this early “international” were from the London area, although players based in Scotland were also invited. The only player associated with the Scottish club was Robert Smith of Queens Park, Glasgow, who played in both the November 1870 match and the 1871 match. Robert Smith and James Smith (both Queens Park Club) were publicly listed for the February 1872 game, but neither played.

After the 1870 match, there was an outcry in Scotland that there were no more Scotland-based players in their squad. Alcock himself was outspoken about where he felt responsible, The Scotsman wrote in the newspaper:

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