What Is WhatsApp Two Step Verification? How To Turn On WhatsApp Two-Step Verification?

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WhatsApp has become one of the most popular messaging apps in the world today. And its number is constantly growing. There will be no more internet users in the world. That doesn’t use WhatsApp. WhatsApp is launching one new feature after another keeping in mind the safety of its users. The first WhatsApp has introduced end-to-end encryption from the beginning with user protection in mind.And then WhatsApp introduces two-step verification, increasing the security of WhatsApp. Due to which the security of the users is doubled. So let’s find out what is WhatsApp to Step Verification and how to turn on WhatsApp to Step Verification?


What is WhatsApp Two Step Verification?

WhatsApp two-step verification of friends is an important security feature. Using it, users can secure their WhatsApp account twice as much as before. When you turn on the two-step verification feature on WhatsApp. Then whenever you install WhatsApp on your mobile again. Or you install your WhatsApp account on a new mobile. WhatsApp will do One Time Password (OTP) verification from your mobile number.Also, you need to enter the WhatsApp two-step verification password. Which allows you to complete your WhatsApp installation process. This doubles the security of your WhatsApp account.


Why use WhatsApp Two Step Verification?


Now we will talk about why you should use WhatsApp 2 Step Verification. Suppose your SIM card is lost somewhere. And that SIM card was found somewhere else. Now if he gets your SIM card and tries to open a WhatsApp account on his mobile with that number, then you will not be able to open WhatsApp.When 2-Step Verification is enabled on your WhatsApp, you need to enter the 2-Step Verification password to open your WhatsApp account. After entering the password that you have set in your WhatsApp to Step Verification, your WhatsApp account will be logged.


How to turn on WhatsApp two-step verification?


It’s easy to turn on the WhatsApp two-step verification feature. You can turn on your WhatsApp two-step verification by following the simple steps below.


Step 1. First of all you have to open WhatsApp on your mobile.


Step 2. Click on the three dots on the top right to open the WhatsApp.



Step 3. After clicking on the three dots, click on Settings.



Step 4. After clicking on Settings, click on Account.



Step 5. After clicking on the account, click on Two Step Verification.






Step 6. After clicking on Two Step Verification, a picture will appear in front of you. Click on ENABLE below the picture.

Step 7. After clicking Enable, now set 6 PINs for your WhatsApp 2 Step Verification. (These 6 PINs are the password for your WhatsApp’s 2-step verification. These 8 PINs will require you to login to WhatsApp anew.)

Step 8. With 6 pins, click Next.

Step 9. After clicking on Next, enter your email ID to give you your email ID. Click on Next with Email ID.

Step 10. Now you enter your email ID once again and once you enter the email ID then click on Next.


Step 11. Now your two step verification is turned on. Now click on Done.



Now when you open WhatsApp, it will appear in front of you like the picture given below.

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