What are the benefits of banana.

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La is as nutritious as it is delicious. One banana at breakfast is almost a daily companion of many diets. Again, the sweetness of ripe banana from the glass kofta grows, this fruit does not go less than the satisfaction! However, the quality of banana varies from raw to ripe. Understanding the needs of the body, in some cases bananas are very useful, in some cases it is better to avoid bananas. Find out how much you need in your diet …

From glass art to ripe banana

Bananas are green when raw. As it ripens, its color changes from yellow to brown, and its nutritional value changes. The amount of ingredients present can be understood by looking at the color.

. Green bananas have the highest amount of resistant starch and the lowest amount of sugar. It also contains sufficient amount of amino acids, magnesium, vitamin C, iron, calcium and phosphorus.

. As soon as the banana ripens, the resistant starch starts to change into sugar. So yellow bananas are high in sugar. However, it has a high amount of anti-oxidants.

. The brown sugar content of bananas is even higher. The more brown spots, the more sugar molecules it contains.

. Whole brown banana means extra ripe banana. It is rich in sugars and anti-oxidants

A variety of bananas

Singapore, Mortman, Jackfruit – a variety of bananas. Nutritionist Subarna Roychowdhury says that all types of bananas are one in terms of nutritional value. Everything is edible. Koel Pal Chowdhury also said, “All the bananas are almost equal. However, the nutritional value of jackfruit is a bit higher, it is also easier to digest.


Banana in various diseases

Subarna said, “We do not forbid diabetic patients to eat any fruit now, only the amount is controlled. The same goes for bananas. If a patient has 100-150 grams of fruit in his diet, then half of it i.e. 50-65 grams of banana can be eaten. People with constipation should eat ripe bananas. It contains fiber which helps in cleansing the stomach. If you suffer from stomach upset again, you will get benefit by playing glass art. Bananas are rich in potassium, minerals and vitamin C. As a result, it is a very healthy fruit. However, due to high potassium levels, those who have renal failure or have been asked to control their potassium intake due to an illness, it is better not to eat bananas. In addition to vitamins and minerals, anti-oxidants are also found in bananas.

In the words of Koel Pal Chowdhury, “Diabetic patients do not need to completely eliminate bananas. They can eat 50 grams of banana a day. Those who are underweight are also asked to eat bananas. The amount of calories in banana is much higher than other fruits. People with obesity or heart problems should not have too many carbohydrates in their diet. They can also eat banana as an alternative. In addition, in case of constipation, you should eat ripe banana and if you have stomach upset, you should eat glass. Due to the high amount of fiber, eating bananas helps in better digestion. Bananas should be eaten regularly if the body is deficient in potassium or suffers from hypokalemia due to high potassium levels.

When how to eat

It is better not to eat banana with heavy food or meal. Eat banana one to one and half hours after eating. Bananas are high in fiber. Fiber can be easily absorbed by the body by playing at this interval.

Many people do not like to eat bananas directly. You may also want to change the taste. In that case, Koel is advising to make banana smoothie. Bananas can also be mixed with other fruit smoothies. You can also eat banana and oatmeal smoothie. You can eat banana and soap to keep your stomach cool. These two methods are also ideal for those who are on a liquid or semi-solid diet due to illness. It is delicious and will fill the stomach.

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