Ways To Escape From The Hands Of Hackers.

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In the age of technology, the number of hackers is increasing day by day. From bank accounts to social media accounts, hackers are taking over. Just as there is resistance to every disease, there are various measures to protect it from hackers. In today’s post you will learn how to protect your bank account, social media account and your devices from hackers.

However, it has been found that hackers have come up with new ways to change their hacking system day by day. ‌ Through which many times different steps are not worked. However, we have to be careful. Then we can stay away from hackers. Learn how to avoid hackers.


Turn off WiFi and other connectivity

Hackers are always on the lookout for connections to electronics devices. Such as WiFi, Bluetooth, ShareIt and other connectivity to start their hacking system. For this, WiFi and Bluetooth should be turned off all the time without any need. These connections cannot be activated with strangers.Because when they are connected to your connectivity, all the information on your device is under their control. Therefore, all types of connections should be closed unless necessary


Use smart passwords

In particular, various types of bank accounts or social accounts are hacked due to our password errors. Many people use passwords with their own name, year of birth, roll number and even mobile number. You must refrain from giving such passwords. Hackers can easily hack into your account with these passwords. So you have to use hard passwords all the time.Try to make the password as long as possible and make it as complex as possible. Always try to give such password – Erftu @ 321 # 56 &. No personal information can ever be given in the password. It is best to change the password every few days without using the same password for a long time. If possible, change the passwords of social accounts at least once a month.


Two-factor verification

This way it is possible to keep your accounts almost 100% secure. This is a method of sending a verification code to your mobile even after entering your account with the correct information and password. After submitting the code to the account, you will be able to access the account. In this case a lot of security is given. নানা You can protect your Facebook, Twitter, Gmail and other types of accounts from hackers through two-factor verification.


Install software or apps

Always try to download software for computer from Microsoft Store and apps for mobile from Play Store. This reduces the chances of getting infected with the virus through apps. It is seen that computer users use crack software more. These are usually downloaded from third party websites.In addition, various types of hacker viruses are added to enter the computer. Then they use them to control the computer. So you have to be careful about installing all kinds of apps and software.


Avoiding fraudulent phone calls

At present, it has been seen that bKash or other mobile banking agents become customers and call on the customer’s mobile. Call on mobile and send verification code to their mobile banking number. Then the verification code is asked from the customer.

If hackers can take this code, they can hack mobile banking account and take all the money. ‌ So all these fraudulent phone calls should be cut off immediately. They will never be trapped.

Adhering to the above can save a lot of money from hackers. Know these things for yourself and let others know. Then we can all be aware and safe.

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