Want to know the details of when and how cricket was born in which country?

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It was published in 1598 and according to that the sport was known to be in vogue till 1550. But when and where cricket originated is still a mystery, but most say cricket was born in England. However, it is safe to say that cricket was prevalent in the counties of Kent, Sussex and Surrey in the south-east of England, especially in the area called Weald, before 1550. Is played with bat-ball-fielder, One of the distinguishing features of cricket from other sports was that it required a relatively short length of grass field to play, why, even before the 1760 ‘s, batsmen were bowled to the ground.

That is why all the places where forests were cleared, or sheep were grazed, were suitable for playing cricket. Given the lack of information on the early years of cricket, it is clear that it was probably a game for young children. Workers started playing it in the 17th century. During the reign of 1st King Charles I, the elite began to be attracted to the game. The attraction of gambling centered on cricket was more attractive to them than playing cricket. Gradually cricket became heavily invested and became a popular pastime in London and southern England. At this time big clubs and professional cricketers appeared.


Birth of Test cricket: Test cricket was born at the age of 1877. England and Australia participate in the first Test match in the history of cricket. The match was held on March 15, 1877. These two teams also took part in the first ODI match. Australia won both matches. The Imperial Cricket Conference was established in 1909 as the highest body of world cricket. Later, in 1956, the word ‘Imperial’ was changed to ‘International’ and the word ‘International Cricket Council’ was added. ICC in a nutshell.

The prestigious Ashes battle began in 1882-83. Since then, other nations have entered Test cricket one by one. South Africa 1888-89, West Indies 1928, New Zealand 1929-30, India 1932, Pakistan 1952-53, Sri Lanka 1981-82, Zimbabwe 1992 and Bangladesh 13 November, 2000.

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