How To Protect The Phone From Hackers.

The whole country is now abuzz with phone hacking. There are hacking traps all around. You never know when all the secret information will fall into the hands of hackers without your knowledge. Maybe all your important information went into the hands of hackers just when you were sleeping. So now everyone is busy handling personal information. Then take a look at how to protect your phone from hackers.

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There are many ways to protect your phone from hackers. But the biggest thing is to keep your eyes and ears open at all times. With a little ingenuity, hackers will never be able to steal personal information from your phone unless they are trapped. Here are some tips to help you get started


Never leave your phone and go anywhere. It’s okay to be at home. But, suppose you went to the office or to someone’s house. Never leave your phone unattended. And don’t leave the phone unlocked at all. If so, do as hard as you can. This will keep your phone safe for a while. No one will be able to unlock your phone easily.

After buying the phone, we have a different feeling. Then for hours we would hang out with the phone. Let’s think about how to lock the phone in a new way. However, after the phone gets a little old, many people stop using the phone. As a result, the password given by that kabekar goes away day after day. Absolutely not. Take time out from work and change your password from time to time.

Do not leave Bluetooth open all the time. Only turn it on when you use Bluetooth. Then when the work is finished, turn it off again. And never use Bluetooth with a stranger. Because through this too many times hackers can get into your phone.

Banking is now done over the phone. So we keep multiple important information in the phone. And many people write the password in the phone so that they do not forget. Try not to keep such important things on the phone. If so, you can use a diary. Where they will be written. And if you have to save the phone, save it in such a way that no one can easily recover it without you.

Now WiFi facility is available in different places. Free WiFi if you want at the roadside. And many use them for pleasure. But avoid them as much as you can. Because a lot of times hackers sit in these wifi to get trapped. And whenever you go to work using that WiFi, they will get into your phone. So use your phone data on the road. Do not use WiFi at all.

Delete all phone history, cookies every day. Don’t end the day without deleting them. Because even through those, hackers can often get into your phone. So be aware of this in advance. Do the same for phones as well as laptops or desktops. Because how you keep your information secure is up to you.

Angus King, a US cyber expert, also suggested an easy way to protect the privacy of the phone. He advised to follow two simple rules to protect your phone from hackers. Only then will the possibility of information theft be eliminated, he said.

Switch off and on the mobile according to the rules. The phone needs to be rebooted once a week. Only then will the hackers’ process of stealing information be pushed. If someone thinks that the information will be stolen from your phone, then their attempt can be thwarted by turning off the phone. If you turn off the phone, all the information will be out of your reach for a while.


Turn on the phone again after a while. As a result, the hacker has to start the hacking process again from the beginning. Which is a lot of time. And that’s why Angus King’s advice is to turn off the phone every day, not every week. If so, you can switch off the phone twice a day. Then the hacking process can be easily prevented. So why delay and follow these tips from today to save the phone from hackers.



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