For that reason do not keep watermelon in the fridge.

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There is no pair of watermelon in summer. This fruit provides adequate nutrition as well as eliminates fatigue in the body. In the heat of summer, a slice of watermelon can bring peace in an instant.

Watermelon stays good for two to three weeks at normal temperature. We often keep watermelons in the fridge for cold storage or for long storage. But health science says it’s not right.

According to nutritionists, watermelon contains 92 percent water, which protects the body from the harshness of summer.

It is also rich in a number of antioxidants, including lycopene, beta-carotene and vitamin C.


According to a report published in, quoting the National Watermelon Promotion Board of the United States, watermelon can be kept in the refrigerator on two conditions. One is, it was in the refrigerator from the beginning or it was cut off.

When whole watermelon is stored in the refrigerator, its taste, size and color change.

The correct temperature for storing watermelon is 10 to 15 degrees Celsius. Even at room temperature, watermelon stays good for up to ten days.

A study by the USDA Agriculture Research Service found that watermelon has high levels of antioxidants at room temperature.


According to a study published in Medical News Today, watermelons stored at room temperature contain 20 percent more lycopene and double the levels of beta-carotene.

So it is seen that if watermelon is brought in the house, it is better to keep it at normal temperature till it is eaten.

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