Find out what is google 2 step verification? And how to turn.

The present age is the age of internet. The Internet has made our lives easier and harder. As long as you do some searches on the internet or as long as you are online, there is a big risk in your security.

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And most of us mobile users login with Google’s Gmail. This Google account was also hacked.

So that Google’s account is not hacked, Google has come up with a strong security feature called google 2 step verification.

If you want to be safe online, you must use the google 2 step verification feature.


What is 2 step verification?

We all know that when we open a Google Gmail account we add a number.

And to open an account I login with an OTP. I mean when we give the number. Then I get an OTP on that number and with that I complete the account with OTP.

If you open an account with OTP, it is 1 step verification. And your Gmail security is one layer or 1 step security.

This will make your Gmail stronger. As a result, your online world information is secure.

But even after all this, hackers or various companies can steal your information. After this problem Google came up with two step verification feature.

And once you turn on this feature, even if you know your account password, you will never be able to login to your Gmail account.

If you turn on this feature of Google, the security of your online world will be strengthened. So today I will show you how to turn on Google’s two step verification.

If you want to enable google 2 step verification, you must first download the Gmail app.

If you are an Android user, you already have Gmail installed.


Rules for turning on 2 step verification.

Not just the Gmail app. First you have to open a Gmail account on your mobile. And if you haven’t opened it, open it.

I have given the link above. After opening the account you will see a profile will be created. If you tap or click on that profile, you will enter the account.


Then after tapping on your profile you will see below “Manage your Google Account” Clicking there will open a new page.

Where you will find all the features of Gmail. You can change your password from here.

You can even check your security score. As if there is a problem with your security?

Or you will get all the suggestions on what to do to make your account more secure.


Since we will be strengthening security, you will see many pages in the above layout to enable google 2 step verification.

From there tap on Security page. If you tap a little below you will see an option called 2 step verification.

Since you will start the new google 2 step verification. Then there will be written 2 step verification off.


And tapping on that text will take you to another new page. And you will see a lot of writing there.

For example: Tighten your account. Or log out of an unfamiliar device. Etc. If you scroll a little, you will see get started. And tap there.


google 2 step verification

To get started, tap on get started and then go to the security page. And ask for your account password.

After entering the password, click on the Next button. If you forget your password, recover it.

If the password is correct, the device from which you signed in will show. Suppose you are logged in to mobile.

Then your mobile model and device name will show. Then tap Continue. Then you will get a backup option.


Backup option means that if your account is logged in to another device, then you will get a message on the number that you have selected in the backup option.

And that number will have text or call options. However, in my opinion, it would be best to select the text option.


Then a message will be sent to your number. And there will be a code. Enter the code.

But remember to give a SIM number that you have been using for a long time. Then you will finish your work by clicking on Turn on.

Google 2 step verification will be started immediately. And mail will come to your Gmail.


How does google 2 step verification work?

I hope you have successfully launched google 2 step verification. If there is any problem to start, please comment.

Now that I have launched google 2 step verification then how will it work or how do I understand?

You will understand this only when someone logs in to another mobile with your email and password.

A pop up message will appear on the device on which you have turned on your google 2 step verification.

Where will it say if you allow login to this device? If yes, then press Yes.

And if you think that you do not know or do not know the device then if you click the no button will not login to that device.


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